Jillian is Back!!! (and One Million Moms hates the crap out of her)

20 Magic Minutes, A Family Celebration

Every time The Biggest Loser starts a new season, I ponder over a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream if I am going to pretend to try and start using the elliptical machine at my neighbors house again. I haven’t watched the last two seasons because my favorite lesbian trainer, Jillian Michaels, was no longer on the show. Well she’s back and this time One Million Moms wants to slap her homosexual potty mouth from here to Eden.

In case you’re like, who-the-fuck-is One Million Moms? Allow me to explain. They’re a buncha extremely conservative religious maniacs who target what they think is “trashy” TV (ie. anything with queers in it). They write letters to advertisers to try to get them to pull their spots from shows like “The New Normal”, “Ellen”, “Family Guy” and most recently “The Biggest Loser”, which just started it’s 14th installment.

Jillian Michaels has been missing from “The Biggest Loser” for two seasons. Her energy, enthusiasm, and tenacity is refreshing and clearly NBC is heralding her return. Rightfully so! If my fat ass were to ever try and trim down, I would absolutely require her winning combination of bark and heart. She manages to be scary AND comforting at the same time. Not everyone responds to her technique (a competitor quit the show after the first week of being on Jillian’s team), but her approach is valid and definitely watchable television for the chub club at home, hoping to be inspired to make a change.

Since it would be uncouth to target this season because of it’s first openly gay contestant, Jackson Carter (who I LOVE), One Million Moms has taken great offense to Jillian using the word “ass” on network TV a few times. Here are some examples of comments, along with their profile pictures, on OMM’s Facebook page (which currently has 51,952 moms):

annakingAnna King Gay is her choice. I don’t support that, but that is her choice and it has nothing to do with her doing her job on the show. Her language does. We don’t use that language in our house and we don’t allow it in on the airwaves. That is my choice! Out of a person’s heart comes the words of their mouth. Her heart must be very angry indeed.

denisebrayDenise Bray By Jillian Micheals being gay, I do not feel she is agood role model for children anyway. (This comment has 13 likes)

gingerstanfordnashMary Ann Ford says “Isnt Jilian Michaels a lesbian?? I believe so.” Her profile photo is an anonymous white square, but her comment was “liked” by Ginger Stanford Nash I hate the screaming and crude language on all these “new type” shows. I think the networks are just seeing how far they can go.

kathrynwKathryn Westlake I do not believe this show has anything to offer the public…. It is the only public place where bulling and calling people “losers” is considered entertaining and helpful…

Fifty-One Thousand Loons has loads of comments referring to Jillian as a bully. Its continuously fascinating to see the extreme religious right’s instinct to paint members of the LGBTQ community as bullies when it is they that start the bullying at the voting booth by demanding their faith be incorporated into discriminatory laws. Jillian’s rough tongue on the first day work-out is not uncommon to her past practices, but One Million Moms didn’t exist when Jillian last appeared on TV. This time, they get to use the disguise of foul language as a reason to badger network executives and put Jillian’s wonderful modern family under the microscope (Jillian and her partner Heidi Rhoades gave birth to their new son, Phoenix, AND adopted two-year old Lukensia from Haiti in the same month).

Anyone who has watched past seasons of “The Biggest Loser” knows that Jillian wants nothing but the best for the contestants. Many times, people who are just starting to face their fears and excuses need to be shocked into a new way of living. To me, yelling “ass” a few times while motivating during a workout isn’t shocking, its necessary. What’s shocking is that we live in an America where people are up in arms about “language” – a convenient tool to keep oppressing LGBTQ citizens. The easiest thing to do? Turn off the TV if you don’t like what you’re watching. The remote control isn’t that heavy. Even I can lift it.


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