Who is more awful: Anne Hathaway or Taylor Swift?

My circle of queens is really torn. Anne Hathaway was undeniably brilliant in ‘Les Miserables’. Point. Taylor Swift dated Jake Gyllenhaal. Point. Anne looked like a shining, professional star while hosting the Academy Awards, but couldn’t anyone next to dum-dum James Franco? Half point. Tay-Tay got interrupted by Kanya West and I reeeeeally hate Kanye West. Half point.


Anne and her bro, Michael

However, the way Anne acted at the Golden Globes was completely insane. What an obnoxious, phony-bologna, princess. She reminded me of every self-important girl in high school theater that just HAD to have ONE MORE THING to say at the microphone. After receiving her award and making her speech, she elbowed herself in front of the ‘Les Miserables’ producers when they won Best Film to continue thanking everyone she didn’t have time to thank in her first speech. The nerve! Even when she’s being genuine, I feel like it’s an act. Sure, she has a gay brother and she really really really loves the gay community and she’ll make sure to talk about it over and over again as long as she’s on camera. I don’t doubt she’s genuinely supportive, but criminy! I bet Lea Michele wishes SHE had a gay brother! (don’t even get me started on that one – ok one thing – Lea Michele was doing shampoo commercials during the Golden Globes while Anne was collecting her prize. I bet that makes Lea crazy!)

54D0DA14975A99C885452110D23878_h231_w308_m5_cTDfzaZHiI first heard of Taylor Swift when she won some award and Kanye West interrupted her to talk about how she didn’t deserve it. I felt so bad for her! But how long ago was that and have I listened to a full song of hers since? Over three years and no. She threw an icy death eye at Adele at the Golden Globes and then left early after she didn’t win. Word on the street is that since she was passed over for the role of Eponine in “Les Miserables” she didn’t want to hang out. Oh gee. Poor Tay-Tay had to suffer through a slightly awkward awards show that she had the great honor of being nominated at for creating music. It must be really tough to make money doing something that you love and have people praise you for it. Speaking of her music – IT SUCKS!! And she’s, like, best friends with Justin Bieber. Lametown. And how many celebrity boyfriends has she had and how long were those relationships? Pull yourself together, gurl, before your huge fans in middle America realize you’re not country music.

Now that I’ve thought about it, I have my answer. Anne Hathaway may be super annoying, but she’s had genuine moments of art that I have appreciated. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, barf. Its not that Anne Hathaway wins, but that Tay-Tay loses. Who do you think?


2 thoughts on “Who is more awful: Anne Hathaway or Taylor Swift?

  1. Good article, I personally really like Anne Hathaway and to me she doesn’t come across as fake at all. I agree with Taylor Swift – I cannot stand her, her music is same old, break up song after break up song! Interesting reading, thanks 🙂

  2. This article is what I have been looking for ever since watching Anne Hathaway shamelessly take Hooper’s moment away from him. Your description of her as she, “um teehee I’m the star and I have something important to say” and went in front of the microphone because she is just too damn important. Anne, you missed your chance during your rehearsed speech to thank your manager, don’t take away someone else’s opportunity just FOR YOURSELF. It was just so self-serving, so narcissistic to me and you can even see after she pulls that stint, she tries to hug Amanda Seyfried and Amanda just looks sort of ugh about it. When Hooper sort of called her attention jokingly about interrupting him before he had anyone to thank, he chuckled and smiled at her but she was too busy hamming it up for the cameras playing chummy with her cast members, to acknowledge the guy whose once-in-a-lifetime moment she selfishly took away!

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