Chris Brown vs. The World


Wow, Chris Brown just can’t catch a break.

Sunday night, Brown was leaving a recording studio in L.A. when Frank Ocean, who has previously been the subject of anti-gay dissing from Brown, blocked his exit and allegedly said, “This is my studio. This is my parking spot.” When Chris Brown allegedly reached out to shake Ocean’s hand, he allegedly got a tidal wave of hurt from someone in Ocean’s posse, who allegedly hit Brown. The crews all jumped each other, Ocean’s hand got cut up, and Brown fled the scene. The cops were called, but no arrests were made.

It sounds like Frank Ocean may have technically instigated this particular fight, but trouble is going to find Chris Brown no matter what because he is an awful piece of cat shit. When he bashed Rihanna’s face, he made no apologies. Now that she has stupidly taken him back, I doubt there will be any public acknowledgement of his wrongdoing. Once, when questioned about the incident on Good Morning America, he threw a chair and stormed out of the building. What a delightful example for all their young fans. Hey kids, if a man beats you, its OK and you can totes get back together with him.

This “man” has a vicious anger problem that manifests itself physically. He is dangerous. He is disrespectful. He feels entitled. He has no remorse. If he would sack-up and show some vulnerability, explaining how bad he feels, or hey – do a PSA about domestic violence and drop some coin on a charity, then maybe the intensity of his haters will die down, but nooooo he wants to flip the finger to everyone who has anything to say to him on the topic. What’s most fascinating is that he has a tight-knit fan base who calls themselves Team Breezy. They will defend his anti gay rants and condone his misogynistic actions to their last, dying, ignorant breath. A recent tweet from the wife of rapper J. Cole says “I’m the type that, Chris could shoot somebody & I’d be like “Oh well” they saw he had a gun should’ve ran Who just stands there?” This is standard protocol for all of Team Breezy and a lot of them are young women and teenagers – who have been duped by society’s structure of male dominance that they cannot even see the trap they are falling into, especially since Rihanna says its totally cool.

Hey Chris, this will haunt you for the rest of your life until you actually feel sorry about your actions, communicated it to the public, and taken control of your anger issues. Stop being a woman-beating, homophobic-ranting jerk and people will stop treating you like a women-beating, homophobic-ranting jerk. And please don’t kill that puppy.



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