Boy Scouts say heyyy?


The Boy Scouts of America are about to have a big, gay meeting. After having defended their rights to ban gay scouts or leaders all the way to the Supreme Court, the organization is now considering changing its national policy. I mean, if boys in the military can shower and shoot loads of guns together, then certainly the BSA would see this as an opportunity to show how great it is to be open minded and accepting of diversity within their club. What a great opportunity to teach little Charlie how some boys like boys and some boys like girls and its totally okay either way. Now lets all be respectful of each other and finish carving this bar of soap into a race car!

The BSA is proposing lifting its national ban, but what that does is allow the decision whether or not to be discriminatory up to the local levels. Basically, the policy could potentially be “Don’t discriminate, unless you want to”. I suppose thats the best answer if you want to wash your hands of any wrongdoing and then pass the torch down to your local leaders.

However, the BSA has asked for public input. That means you. And me! We’re the public! You can call them at 972-580-2330 or email I’m very curious to see how this pans out…


1 thought on “Boy Scouts say heyyy?

  1. Hey Jeffrey! I was listening to this on the news today and was totally in shock! I couldn’t believe the Boy Scouts of America still discriminated! I had to stop putting on my lipstick and listen very intentlly. My first thought was…my son is going to have something to say about this!!!! I will be sending an email! Thanks for the email address. BTW…I’m wondering if the Girl Scouts of America have the same policy with future lesbians. Love you!

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