California Hiatus!

Hello my dear friends and strange, Mormon stalkers! First, our 5AGS Harlem Shake:

I’m taking some time off from this blog and The Five Awesome Guys Show to follow up on some job leads in California. If you or anyone you know is hiring, please feel free to email me at JEFFREYMARXTHESPOT@GMAIL.COM Or, if you’re one of my Mormon fans, feel free to send me invites to family spaghetti night or whatever.

I’m still part of the recap team over at Your Reality Recap where we talk smack about all your favorite Bravo Housewives. Our weekly show has had up to 125k views! Check out our past episodes —> here.

In the mean time, here is our season finale episode of our queer version of “The View”. If you would like to see our past episodes of The Five Awesome Guys Show, visit my YouTube channel! There’s also our wonderful “The 2nd Amendment Song” —> here.


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