Originally from Orange County, CA, I packed up and moved to New York City without ever having been first. My job had been eliminated due to budget cuts and the intricacies of the ‘No Child Left Behind’ law, so I left to try something new! I’ve been here nearly ten years! Jobs I’ve had include special education teacher and job coach for teenagers with developmental disabilities, waiter, barista, receptionist, that guy that hands out flyers in Times Square, the soundtrack guy at Virgin Megastore, summer camp administrator, art teacher, children’s musical director, and most recently I made it to the finals on a reality TV game show, where I made out with a Playboy model and made a Mormon lady cry, all while using my sense of humor to get me to the end of the show.

Pop culture and politics are both great passions of mine. They often are seen separately. I get it, we need an escape from the real world around us and sometimes One Direction is all we need to talk about. (Seriously, why won’t they stop writing songs about me. It’s getting creepy!) There is room to simultaneously be aware of what laws are being passed in Congress while judging the fuck out of some douchebag on ‘Survivor’. If we can name Taylor Swift’s past celebrity boyfriends, then we should be able to list the states that currently have Equality for LGBTQ Americans.

Hope you enjoy my opinions. And if you don’t, you’ll probably still have a good time.


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