The Five Awesome Guys Show

This week, on 5AGS, we discuss the Pope and his resignation, The Carnival Cruise of poo, oscar predictions and much more! This will be our last one camera shoot. So excited to get this show evolving already!! Thanks for watching 🙂


The Five Awesome Guys Show!

You guys. This is our best episode yet! This week, we’re talking about the US drone strike policy, RuPaul and the transgender community, Valentine’s Day, Glee, Smash, that LAPD officer that’s hiding in the woods and killing everyone, and much more!

We’re still finding our formatting groove and the show IS a little long by web series standards, but we’ve added a chapter index in the description section on the video so you can skip around and watch the topics you care about most! Plus we’re all AWESOME and can easily fill a 30 minute weekly show, right? And don’t miss Craig’s super amazing song about the 2nd Amendment.

The Five Awesome Guys Show


We changed our show name! No longer Poplitical, we are now The Five Awesome Guys Show! This week, we’re discussing the death of ex-Mayor of NYC Ed Koch, The Boy Scouts of America who are looking into lifting their national ban on gays, the series finale of 30 Rock, and much more! Please subscribe to my Youtube channel to follow our show every week!


Our weekly experiment has picked up two new panelists! Each week, we will talk about the highlights in pop culture & politics. The video posted has some fun little music over the credits, but in case you can’t view it on your mobile device (cuz YouTube hates me) you can check out this updated video of pretty much the same episode, just without fun music and minus one little bonus scene). Anywho — This week we talk about the Inauguration, Beyoncegate, Hillary Clinton, American Idol and more!

Poplitical – A Pop Culture & Political Experiment

A couple of friends and I were sitting around on Friday Night and thought, “Hey! Let’s make a TV show that’s sorta like “The View”, but with a buncha gays on it!” And what else do we have that “The View” does not? Improvised singing. This could be a new weekly show available on my Youtube Channel. Our editing skills are crap, but let’s focus on content for now hahaha — We’re still thinking of a title. Let’s see how it evolves…

Tap Tap, I’m the Whoopi, right? (oh god please don’t let me be the Hasselbeck)