The Five Awesome Guys Show!

You guys. This is our best episode yet! This week, we’re talking about the US drone strike policy, RuPaul and the transgender community, Valentine’s Day, Glee, Smash, that LAPD officer that’s hiding in the woods and killing everyone, and much more!

We’re still finding our formatting groove and the show IS a little long by web series standards, but we’ve added a chapter index in the description section on the video so you can skip around and watch the topics you care about most! Plus we’re all AWESOME and can easily fill a 30 minute weekly show, right? And don’t miss Craig’s super amazing song about the 2nd Amendment.


Poplitical – A Pop Culture & Political Experiment

A couple of friends and I were sitting around on Friday Night and thought, “Hey! Let’s make a TV show that’s sorta like “The View”, but with a buncha gays on it!” And what else do we have that “The View” does not? Improvised singing. This could be a new weekly show available on my Youtube Channel. Our editing skills are crap, but let’s focus on content for now hahaha — We’re still thinking of a title. Let’s see how it evolves…

Tap Tap, I’m the Whoopi, right? (oh god please don’t let me be the Hasselbeck)

Guns Spelled Backwards is “Snug”, Which Rhymes with “Hug”!


Obama, I’m mad at you. Not because I love guns, but because you’re asking America to have a national discussion about gun control without having a discussion about war. You’re right to sack up, put on a show with some kids, and sign some executive orders to get the ball rolling, but even though all those redneck hillbillies are screaming that you’re gunna take their guns away, you and I both know that any action like that would still have to pass through Congress. You know, it’s not like a drone attack in the Middle East or anything.

Our country needs to address it’s fascination with violence. We can’t blame video games. We can’t shift focus to mental health issues. We can’t say a random mass murder at a school is any more or less horrific than a Presidentially approved drone strike that murders civilian children. America is really good at war. Like, reeeeeally good at it! We love it so much that we wear cowboy hats and sing songs about kicking people’s asses! The culture of war is what should be the topic of discussion, Obama.

This whole dog and pony show with the executive orders does nothing but rile up the ding dongs who already have stockpiles of weapons in their basements — unless you’re actually talking tough with plans of following through. You won the next four years (yay!), but don’t get lost in them. Stop the theatrics and make some of that change I keep hearing so much about! I know, the GOP are being complete dicks in Congress. Steamroll that crap! The people voted for you. The people want you to put on a cowboy hat and start singing song about kicking those Republican asses. Just don’t send drones. That’s totally unfair.